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Taipei Game Show 2017 Indie Game Sectors

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Exhibition Taipei Game Show 2017
Sector Indie Game Festa Indie House
Exhibit Area B2B Zone
(for business matching)
B2C Area
(for consumer facing)
Period January 19-20, 2017 (2 days) January 21-24, 2017 (4 days)

Indie Game Festa

  In order to explore more international business opportunities for indie game developers around the world, Indie Game Festa will be held at Taipei Game Show 2017 as the biggest indie game developers festival in Taiwan.

Since its establishment, Indie Game Festa has drawn attention from the globe, especially publishers aiming at Asia Pacific game market. And in 2016, the scale has reached a new high, expanding to 131 indie game developers from 22 countries. For 2017, join us to network with 100+ talented indie game developers as well as 2000+ international buyers!



Indie House

  Taipei Game Show 2016 – Indie House attracted 28 Indie game teams from 6 countries, catching all gamer and the media’s attention. At Indie House, indie game developers can receive direct feedback from gamers. If you are interested in Asia market, come and join Taipei Game Show 2017 Indie House now!



Contact Info

  Indie Game Festa
Contact Person: Tiff Liu
Telephone:02-25774249 ext 238

Indie House
Contact Person: Jacob Yeh
Email: jacob@mail.tca.org.tw
Telephone: 02-25774249 ext 247

2017 Indie Game Festa Exhibitor List

(In alphabetic order)

Music Game Casual Game Sports Game Horror Game Action/Adventure Game
Strategy Game Education Game Puzzle Game AVG RPG

Music Game
Lanota Noxy Games Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Lethe Lethes-studio Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Meow Remix Takoforce China Mobile/ Tablet
Noah's Bottle Rnova Studio Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Casual Game
AlexG Infinity Peak Pixel Games Ltd. Canada Console, Mobile/ Tablet
Bubble Bubble BOTO SSJ Company Japan Mobile/ Tablet
Ennnnnn HAGO Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Hit The Little Man Pangaea Interactive Singapore Mobile/ Tablet
Mouse Quest Aivy Jar Technology Inc., Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Smashing Heroes Smashingclicks Pte Ltd Singapore Mobile/ Tablet
Sports Game
Basketball Gangs 2 Nice Market Games Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
iHorse Racing Mobile /
Trap & Go Dino
Gamemiracle Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
LIGHTFIELD Lost in the Garden Austria Console
  Mahjong World WTM Co Ltd Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Planes Control rarepixels Germany Mobile/ Tablet
Pocket Rally Illusion Magic Studio Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Redout 34BigThings Italy PC, Console, VR/AR
RPGolf ArticNet LLC. Japan PC, Mobile/ Tablet, Apple TV
Shadow Shooter CENOTE Inc. Japan PC, VR/AR
Stadium Hero Manager Planbgames Inc. Korea Mobile/ Tablet
Strategy Baseball - Little League Story CCdotgames Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Super Flail Rider Catpancake Finland PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Horror Game
Detention Red Candle Games Taiwan PC
Lunar Eclipse Kaiju Den Singapore Mobile/ Tablet, VR/AR
Stifled Gattai Games Singapore PC, Console, VR/AR
Action/Adventure Game
Agent Aliens Indigo Entertainment Philippines PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Akuto: Mad World Hut 90 UK PC
ARENA GODS Supertype USA PC, Console, Online
Arkology Arc USA PC, VR/AR
Battle Galaxy Miso Studio Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
BattleSky VR Oh!WHATif Taiwan PC, VR/AR
Collapse GG_KNIGHTS Japan Mobile/ Tablet
CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy HandMade Game Korea PC, Console, VR/AR
Dimension Drive 2Awesome Studio The Netherlands PC
  FantasyPrey Torch Co. Taiwan PC, VR/AR
Fight Of Gods Digital Crafter Taiwan PC, Console, Mobile/ Tablet
Guns of Icarus Alliance Muse Games USA PC, Online, Console
I.F.O Total Battery Korea Mobile/ Tablet
Local Warfare Dazad Entertainment Taiwan PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Metro Romance Toii Taiwan/USA Mobile/ Tablet, VR/AR
Mondeo Strawberry Baozou Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Monster Hood UNIQUE MONSTER CO., LTD. Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Planetoid Pioneers Data Realms LLC USA PC, Console, Mobile/ Tablet
Shots Fired Chryse Philippines PC
Sleeping Gardila Initory Studios China Console, VR/AR
Steampunker VR Periscope Shooter Telehorse Poland VR/AR
TailBomb PingPongFactory Korea Mobile/ Tablet
To the hell SinglecoreGames Korea PC, Console
Unsouled Megusta games Korea PC, Console
World Greatest Warrior (WGW) Gametales Enterprise Malaysia Mobile/ Tablet
Zombo Buster Rising FIREBEAST Indonesia PC, Web game/ Browser game, Mobile/ Tablet
Z-RUSH (working title) Araso Pandan Inc. Korea Mobile/ Tablet
Strategy Game
A Healer Only Lives Twice Pon Pon Games Japan PC, Console
  Arise fromd Darkness Playfulgames Inc. Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Battle Shot! LIONBIRD LIMITED Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Church Era Mobile Vendor Taiwan PC, Web/ Browser, Steam
Devil Store C4Cat Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Great Powers - Imperialism Doomeye Game Taiwan PC, Web/ Browser, Mobile/ Tablet
  King of Hero Phoenix Game Limited Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Legends of the Brawl Dark Tonic Games Studio USA PC, Console, Online
Legiondary Monkey Potion Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Light of the Empire YC960 studios China PC
Lightning Raiders Uwan Co., Ltd. Taiwan Online, Mobile/ Tablet
Lost Castle Hunter Studio China PC
Mazinity Irminsul France Mobile/ Tablet
Monster Chronicles Delta Duck Studios Singapore Mobile/ Tablet
Monster Jump Owalker Studio Taiwan PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Myriad of Dragons Bridged Pte Ltd Singapore Mobile/ Tablet
Neopolis Omni Systems UK PC, Console
Night Market Story Genuine Studio Hong Kong PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Pavilion Visiontrick Media Japan PC, Console, Mobile/ Tablet
Quest Heroes Tabletop Pixel / Thibaut Brébant Japan PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Rune Rebirth CUTKEY Studio Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Samurai Blade Millo Games Inc. Taiwan PC, Web/ Browser, Mobile/ Tablet
Scrolls of Heroes : REV Origame Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Sumer Studio Wumpus USA PC
Super Pet: Monopoly Skytree Digital Limited Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Swords of Ice & Fire River Studio Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Tower Tales Five Fingers Philippines PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Tribal Siege BOHDOKUMEN. Japan PC, Online
WABOWABO Qoobit Productions Inc. Canada PC, Mobile/ Tablet, VR/AR
Zombie Rollerz Zing Games USA Mobile/ Tablet
Education Game
ie-book: The Empty Ocean Max Neet Games Japan VR/AR
PRINCIPIA: Master of Science tomeapp Japan PC
Puzzle Game
6180 the moon Turtle Cream Korea Console, Mobile/ Tablet
Ellie & Max Appetizer Games Korea Mobile/ Tablet
Eyescream Ocean Media LLC 克罗地亚 PC, Console
Fable Puzzle TW Huh Game Inc. Taiwan Online, Mobile/ Tablet
Magnesia 18Light Game Ltd. Taiwan PC
Mask of MOAI GIFT10 INDUSTRY Japan Mobile/ Tablet, VR/AR
Memoir Paperdoll Games Malaysia PC
Mr. Catt 7QUARK Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Nemo_DO GGHF Korea PC, Console
Purity TASHI Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Retro Wings arkavis Thailand Mobile/ Tablet
Roll Turtle Kira Fu Taiwan PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Sally's Law Nanali Studios Korea PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Stop! Thief!! RainBros USA Mobile/ Tablet, Playstation Vita
Swappy Monka Digitopolis Co.,Ltd Thailand Mobile/ Tablet
Triangle 180 Fingerprint Studio Limited Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek DreamTree Games Malaysia Mobile/ Tablet
Y Y Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
About You Lucid Grid Taiwan VR/AR
Blue Blood Lagoon Erotes Studio Taiwan PC, Console
KOIMUSUBI Narrato&StoriaGameStudio Taiwan PC
My Hope And My Sick-Faith Sick Game Group Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Natari at the Bubble Planet Caliburn Studio Taiwan PC
Nekojishi Nekojishi Workshop Taiwan PC
OPUS: The Day We Found Earth SIGONO INC. Taiwan PC, Mobile/ Tablet
Philosophic Love 3chiStudio Taiwan PC
Replica Somi Korea PC
Summer echo Kakela*Hane Studio Taiwan PC
The flower of sunset Yurif Taiwan PC, Console
Thing-in-Itself Party for Introverts UK PC
Wintersun Astrolabe Draft Taiwan PC
XI SHENG Match B Taiwan PC
29 Days Play Lazy Limited Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Aesir Chronicle Snake spear studio x {uni} Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
AGARTHA shindenken Japan PC
Alice:Transforms Ghost Pie Studio Hong Kong Mobile/ Tablet
Asura Ogre Head Studio 印度 PC
Blast Breaker Mobile Sinoze Thailand Mobile/ Tablet
Click Chronicles buho Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
ElfenWitch NorthernLight Taiwan PC
ERISLE Expect Studio Taiwan PC
Fukurō Matsuri NOMO Taiwan PC
GoGoldCastle lusolab entertainment Malaysia PC, Console
HeroG Narwhal.GT Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
  Last Standard I From Japan Japan PC
Legend of Asteria madorca inc Korea Console, Mobile/ Tablet
mapleshrine SHINETACTIC SOFTWARE CO., LTD. Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Maza:Chronicle Cat Ball Games Taiwan PC
Middle Aged Knight YASUHIRO Polaris-x Inc. Japan Mobile/ Tablet
MoKai Adventure Werold Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Postknight Kurechii Malaysia Mobile/ Tablet
Qubot Qubit Games Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
School Fight Fight LiRise Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet
Stigma、Mute、Mute VR Arus Game Studios Taiwan Mobile/ Tablet, VR/AR
TAIKER Team 4U Taiwan PC
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